Saturday, January 9, 2010

Next Stop... Soweto

(Strut Records)

More posts from my African music exploration.

For someone like myself who is on an intermittent quest to find good South African jive music, the news that Strut Records is releasing a "three-part series exploring underground South African music during the late ‘60s and ‘70s" is very good news. Having recently read "Kaffir Boy", an account of life in apartheid South Africa right around that time period, I was disappointed to find a lack of availability of this kind of music. Major kudos to Duncan Brooker and Francis Goodling for providing "several years of painstaking research and vinyl archaeology in South Africa" so that we may reap in the results. Volume 1, which highlights the Mbaqanga (township jive) scene comes out February 1st for CD and digital download, with a volume 2 and 3 covering more "SA soul, funk & Hammond R&B and the country’s rich jazz scene" to follow later this spring and summer. Count me in for all 3.
Here's the opening track of volume 1:
I Sivenoe - Melotone Sisters with Amagola Band

(News and mp3 via GvB, info and quotes via Strut Records.)

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