Monday, July 6, 2009

today's finds

No idea what to call this song, but it is truly amazing. I'll have to check out more from them. Love the "hey hey hey"s. They guy's voice really reminds me of Deer Tick.
Write It All Down For You - Elliot Brood

Generally good stuff
Take It In - Wye Oak

Very very interesting instrumental rock. Nice soundscape they get going
Looking for God - Fucked Up

On a sorta similar note, found this guy the other day. Creates synth/electronic soundscapes (not dancey at all). I am usually quite bored with this kind of music, but Tim Hecker's music is amazing.
100 Years Ago - Tim Hecker
Currents of Electrostasy - Tim Hecker
Sea of Pulses - Tim Hecker

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