Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Couplet (Kid Cudi and Mayer Hawthorne)

These two songs are together like this on my main iTunes playlist, and for some reason listening to the two of them in sequence just works. See what you think.

REVOFEV - Kid Cudi
Held the Hand - Mayer Hawthorne

I love finding little one-two combos like this, its almost like a mini mixtape.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Stone Foxes new album, Bears and Bulls

San Fransisco band The Stone Foxes play a good solid blend of classic rock, country, blues, indie rock, and a little 90's alternative. It's nothing super groundbreaking, but from the heavy blues riffs to the classic rock jams to the wonderful slide guitar, their new album Bears and Bulls is a very enjoyable listen. "I Killed Robert Johnson" is a classic rocking murder ballad, complete with a fantastic heavy blues guitar solo towards the end, and "Stomp" shows off more of their country influence with a 'sung around the campfire' feel. If you dig juiced-up americana with a very live, unproduced feel, this album is for you.

I Killed Robert Johnson - The Stone Foxes
Stomp - The Stone Foxes

This kind of music is always great live, and seeing as they're just over in SF, hopefully they'll come around here sometime soon. Get more info and songs on their Myspace or blog, and pick up their album on iTunes or Amazon MP3 when it drops July 6th!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Gil Scott-Heron and Mos Def do "New York is Killing Me"

(image via Village Voice, from a 2008 show they did together)

Some genius has taken the Gil Scott-Heron classic "New York Is Killing Me" (best beat of all time, you'll see in a moment if you don't know yet) and seamlessly snuck in some fantastic verses from personal favorite Mos Def. He totally nailed the tone and feeling of the song, and his flow and lyrics complement the original song perfectly. Absolutely love it.

New York is Killing Me - Gil Scott-Heron feat. Mos Def

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mura Mura

I was surfing through my favorite blogs today, and while making my usual stop at You Ain't No Picasso I discovered the work of a certain Mura Mura. They've got a free EP, and apparently it's the product of some friends just getting together and recording some songs at their house. I very much hope they keep getting together, because they have produced four wonderful, slightly wistful pop songs. The music certainly has an air of a bunch of good friends just having fun together, the songs have a very natural feel, and everyone sounds like they're enjoying themselves. I can't help but think of Talking Through Tin Cans Morning Benders at some points, and a non-British Fanfarlo at others.

This House Is Burning Down - Mura Mura
Rabbit - Mura Mura

The genre is showing up as "Holiday", which I find very fitting, the music is a wonderfully enjoyable pick-me-up. Download the whole thing here and enjoy.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gonna Give This Another Go

Well folks, I'm back. I know that what reader base I had built up is gone, and little to nobody will read this, but getting it down will help. I apologize for my long absence, but the way Listening to the Song in My Head was working just didn't work for me. Basically, I became too focused on being a good blog, which sadly, I'm just not cut out for.

A good mp3 blog brings unknown artists to the attention of the masses, and serves as a tastemaker. In my efforts to do that, I ended up searching not necessarily for the bands I would enjoy listening to, but bands that I could "break", that no one had heard of. This ended up making music listening much less enjoyable than it had been previously. So this time around, I'm not gonna try to do any of that. I'm gonna tell you what I'm listening to, whether it be obscure or well known. It's not going to be the kind of blog that will have or should have very many readers, I'm just hoping to find some people out there who share my musical tastes, and serve them up what I'm listening to. While I won't be bringing anything new of value to the internet music community as a whole, hopefully I will be able to present a particular few with music that they will enjoy, that they would not have had the time or knowledge to discover otherwise. If I can succeed in that, then I think there is value.

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