Monday, June 28, 2010

The Stone Foxes new album, Bears and Bulls

San Fransisco band The Stone Foxes play a good solid blend of classic rock, country, blues, indie rock, and a little 90's alternative. It's nothing super groundbreaking, but from the heavy blues riffs to the classic rock jams to the wonderful slide guitar, their new album Bears and Bulls is a very enjoyable listen. "I Killed Robert Johnson" is a classic rocking murder ballad, complete with a fantastic heavy blues guitar solo towards the end, and "Stomp" shows off more of their country influence with a 'sung around the campfire' feel. If you dig juiced-up americana with a very live, unproduced feel, this album is for you.

I Killed Robert Johnson - The Stone Foxes
Stomp - The Stone Foxes

This kind of music is always great live, and seeing as they're just over in SF, hopefully they'll come around here sometime soon. Get more info and songs on their Myspace or blog, and pick up their album on iTunes or Amazon MP3 when it drops July 6th!

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