Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gonna Give This Another Go

Well folks, I'm back. I know that what reader base I had built up is gone, and little to nobody will read this, but getting it down will help. I apologize for my long absence, but the way Listening to the Song in My Head was working just didn't work for me. Basically, I became too focused on being a good blog, which sadly, I'm just not cut out for.

A good mp3 blog brings unknown artists to the attention of the masses, and serves as a tastemaker. In my efforts to do that, I ended up searching not necessarily for the bands I would enjoy listening to, but bands that I could "break", that no one had heard of. This ended up making music listening much less enjoyable than it had been previously. So this time around, I'm not gonna try to do any of that. I'm gonna tell you what I'm listening to, whether it be obscure or well known. It's not going to be the kind of blog that will have or should have very many readers, I'm just hoping to find some people out there who share my musical tastes, and serve them up what I'm listening to. While I won't be bringing anything new of value to the internet music community as a whole, hopefully I will be able to present a particular few with music that they will enjoy, that they would not have had the time or knowledge to discover otherwise. If I can succeed in that, then I think there is value.

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