Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mura Mura

I was surfing through my favorite blogs today, and while making my usual stop at You Ain't No Picasso I discovered the work of a certain Mura Mura. They've got a free EP, and apparently it's the product of some friends just getting together and recording some songs at their house. I very much hope they keep getting together, because they have produced four wonderful, slightly wistful pop songs. The music certainly has an air of a bunch of good friends just having fun together, the songs have a very natural feel, and everyone sounds like they're enjoying themselves. I can't help but think of Talking Through Tin Cans Morning Benders at some points, and a non-British Fanfarlo at others.

This House Is Burning Down - Mura Mura
Rabbit - Mura Mura

The genre is showing up as "Holiday", which I find very fitting, the music is a wonderfully enjoyable pick-me-up. Download the whole thing here and enjoy.

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