Thursday, November 19, 2009

A nice, mellow acoustic post

The Rural Alberta Advantage have gotten a ton of hype, and seem to be universally loved by indie bloggers everywhere. I don't really like them that much. However, this song is absolutely beautiful.
In the Summertime (live) - The Rural Alberta Advantage

Freelance Whales. Are. Amazing. No other way to describe them. They create a really cool, mellow atmosphere, the vocals are beautiful, and the melodies are awesome. Listen.
Generator ^ Second Floor - Freelance Whales (my personal favorite)
Broken Horse - Freelance Whales
(I have a few other songs of theirs, let me know if you want any)

Discovered a really cool album,"We Shall Overcome-The Seeger Sessions". It's Bruce Springsteen and a huge group of musicians playing classic folk songs. Huge range of instrumentation, really cool recorded live feel. Definitely worth a listen. Check out the rest of the album if you like these songs.
Eyes on the Prize - Bruce Springsteen
O Mary Don't You Weep - Bruce Springsteen

Anyone who knows Bon Iver should be familiar with his song "Woods" from the Blood Bank EP. In it he sings a 4 line verse over and over (with autotune), each time adding another layer, until he has a giant chorus of himself (no other instruments). It is really really cool. Well now he is playing with a band called the Volcano Choir, and they have re-recorded it, with some really cool instrumentation. It is now named "Still". It really adds another level to the song. Can't decide which version I like better, so I'll just go with both, and I would highly advise you do the same.
Woods - Bon Iver
Still - Volcano Choir

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