Friday, June 26, 2009

First songs for you to listen to

Ha Ha Tonka are awesome, kinda southern rockish, love the dudes voice. They're playing in Sacramento in August, only $8 for a ticket. This one is from their first album, and their second album just came out, it is really really good.
Caney Mountain - Ha Ha Tonka

I got nothing against a little pop, if its good. And this is damn good. Love the horns.
Sincerely, Jane - Janelle Monae

I've been obsessed with this song, but the MP3 is not on the internet, so you'll have to make do with streaming it from Myspace. (its the first song on the player)
Handsome Furs Myspace

Song from the new Wilco album, it comes out June 30th. Haven't listened to Wilco much before, but this song is really good. The song "What Light", from one of their earlier albums, is also very good.
Bull Black Nova - Wilco

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