Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cults - Cults 7"

First off, sorry I have been sucking so majorly regarding posting the past two weeks, I have been spending very little time on my computer. Hopefully I'll be back into it soon.

Cults are the latest indie pop band to sweep the internets, with their completely free Cults 7". Even with the only 3 songs on the single/EP (whichever you want to call it), they've got a great range of styles. In general, the sound is a fairly upbeat dream-pop, with harmonized, childlike vocals. "Go Outside" is built on a xylophone riff, "Most Wanted" is extremely reminiscent of "Walkabout", by Atlas Sound, and features some of the same xylophone, accompanied by a swirling bed of synths. "The Curse" switches things up and lays some reverb drenched vocals over an equally reverb drenched minor key guitar riff. It is much darker than the other two, following an almost bluesy chromatic melody.

There is very little biographical info on the band, but with the way their debut sounds, and the way it's swept through the blogosphere, these guys have a serious future. It's some of the best experimental type pop music I have heard in quite some time, and I'm excited to hear more.

Go Outside - Cults

Stream and download all three songs free on their Bandcamp page.

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