Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Listening to the Song in My Head Podcast - Episode 1

Here it is, the first episode of the Listening to the Song In My Head Podcast, my venture into a new format. This inaugural show is 40 minutes long, and includes 9 songs. The tracklisting with download links is below. This is the first time I've tried anything like this, so feedback please!

Listening to the Song In My Head Podcast - Episode 1

1: Go Outside - Cults
2: The Curse - Cults. Download album for free on their Bandcamp page, and pre-order the vinyl 7" here.

3: Green Tops - Totally Nebular. Download the album for free here.

4: The High Road - Broken Bells. Download from Amazon MP3.

5: Getaway Car - The Luxury. Download from Amazon MP3.

6: I'll Go With You - Downhill From Here. Check out my review of the album for another track and information on how to get the album.

7: Even Cowgirls Get the Blues - The Gaslight Anthem. Download the album on Amazon MP3.

8: Birthday Boy - The Drive-By Truckers. Download the album on Amazon MP3.

9: Easternization - Deskhop. Download the EP on a pay what you want basis on his website.

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Felicia_Ceballos said...

Yay! The Luxury :)

I'm glad you're doing podcasts. Best of luck with that.

Dashiell said...

You have an AMAZING announcer voice.

Timmy Mc said...

Why thank you Dashiell, perhaps I will do more than 1 episode :P