Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weekend Concert Preview

Sorry I've been gone so much, its been a somewhat hectic week. Anyway, there's a lot of great shows this weekend, so enjoy. As always, all shows are all ages unless otherwise noted, and bold shows are the ones I recommend. Genre descriptions refer to the bands in the order that they were listed.


Elephant Micah (go to to stream stuff), Oh Foot. Some somewhat dark, very good folk music, and some light, peaceful folk from a Davis band. 1430 Alice St. (Davis), 7pm. Free.

David Bazan. Kind of a mainstream alternative singer-songwriter guy. Blue Lamp (Sac), 9pm. Price uncertain, 21+.

Breathe Owl Breathe, Sea of Bees. Standard folk, and some hazy, slightly trippy folk. Luigi's Fungarden (Sac), 8:30pm. $6.

Deke Dickerson, Mae McCoy and the Neon Stars. Surf country and some staight country. Old Ironsides (Sac), 9pm. $12, 21+.

Blue Cranes, Elders, Brittney & Zach. Jazz show, pretty experimental sounding stuff, if you are into that kind of thing, should be a great show. 209 2nd St. (Davis), 8pm. $7.

Ten Mile Tide, Thaw Jack Frost. Folky bluegrass, and some jammin' blues rock. Marylin's (Sac), 9pm. $8, 21+.

Saturday and Sunday after the jump!


The Enlows, Boats!, Magi-Kool Doods, The Poonteens. Some Ramones-y pop-punk, some very upbeat punk, some comedy punk, and some Green Dayish punk. The vast majority of the house shows in Davis are folk, so its pretty awesome to get a show that's gonna rock this hard. Haussler Haus (Davis), 7pm.

Electric Jellyfish, The Whines, G. Green. Some really good psychedelic hard rock, some slightly mellower but just as good psychedelic rock, and very spacey fuzzy rock. Sure to be a very trippy, very spacey, hard rocking experience (one of my favorite kinds). The Hub @ Sol Collective (Sac), 8:30pm. $5.

Knock Knock, The Lambs, Touchez. Real catchy indie-pop, spacey hazy pop, and some so-so pop. Luigi's Fungarden (Sac), 8pm. Price undetermined.

Illogical Beats, Divided Allegiance. Both are hip hop groups with electronic/industrial beats. 16th Street Cafe (Sac), 8pm. $6.

Tempest. Celtic folk rock. Blue Lamp (Sac), 9pm. $15, 21+.


Shayna and the Bulldog, Jared Mees & the Grown Children. Indie rock, and some very strong indie rock. Shayna and the Bulldog is okay, but I'm mostly recommending this show on the basis of Jarad Mees. Got a lot of instruments and very strong vocals. Luigi's Fungarden (Sac), 8pm. $5.

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