Thursday, January 21, 2010

African Music Exploration: Bookor Band and Group Doueh

(picture via Sublime Frequencies)

Got some miscellaneous tracks for you today. First, Onukpa Shawarpo, by the Bokoor Band. It comes to us from the Afro-Rock, Vol. 1 compiliaiton from Evolver Entertainment. Very bluesy, complete with some sweet harmonica as the main instrument. The Bokoor Band was a large Ghanaian collective with a constantly shifting line-up. It was founded in 1971 by British emigrant John Collins and a Ghanaian friend, Robert Buckley."Later on, in the 80s and 90s, Collins would transform his father’s farmhouse into Bokoor Studio and record over 200 local acts, creating an invaluable record of post-independence popular music in Ghana." More of their music can be found on the album Bokoor Beats.
Onukpa Shawarpo - Bokoor Band

Second, the song Wanzan Samat, by Group Doueh, on their album, Guitar Music of the Western Sahara (yes, it is their album, not a compilation), on Sublime Frequencies. According to the label's webiste,
"Group Doueh play raw and unfiltered Saharawi music from the former colonial Spanish outpost of the Western Sahara. Doueh (pronounced “Doo-way”) is their leader and a master of the electric guitar. He’s been performing since he was a child playing in many groups before finally creating his own in the 1980’s."
There is definitely some very strong guitar playing on this track, and with a very unique sound. Take a listen.
Wanzan Samat - Group Doueh
Buy the album and read more about the group here. The vinyl appears to be sold out, but you can still download.

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