Friday, January 1, 2010

Local Boy - Nat Lefkoff

I present to you DHS's very own Nat Lefkoff. I know him pretty well from lacrosse, and I found out a little while back that he is an amazing folk singer-songwriter. I'm completely obsessed, and I've already been to a show (he's just as good live). His guitar is rock-solid, the songwriting is fantastic, and his voice is amazing. The level of emotion that is in his music uncommon, and elevates it far beyond just his technical skills. I will say without a doubt he is the most talented musician attending DHS. He is gonna go places.
Rained In - Nat Lefkoff
Redlights - Nat Lefkoff
Maggie's Song - Nat Lefkoff
Dances (Live at KDVS) - Nat Lefkoff

Update: Yeah, he goes to Da Vinci, not DHS. All other points stand.

Check out his Myspace for even more awesome songs.

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