Friday, January 22, 2010


Today I hit a major milestone in the life of this young blog of mine: I got my first band submission. Even better, it's really good. Without any further self-congratulation, I give you Hands, formerly of Philadelphia and now in LA. They have a new single coming out 2/26 on Headphonica called "Hold". It's a very strong track, combining an ethereal cinematic background, mesmerizing vocals, and powerful tribal drumming. It also has very thick vocal harmonies and some mandolin, both of which I'm a total sucker for. This may sound like something you've heard before, but I highly encourage you to check it out, as the end effect is very mesmerizing and enjoyable. They also sent me a couple tracks from their 2008 EP, Cities. The song "Shadows" very much reminds me of Freelance Whales, with is combination of dense synths and banjo. Not quite as good as "Hold", but still very strong.
Hold - Hands
Shadows - Hands
No tour dates on their Myspace, but when they do head out on tour, hopefully they'll hit Northern California, or better yet Davis, because I would love to see them.
Check out their Myspace for even more good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty good. :)

Anonymous said...

"hold" is a shiny gem.
dunno where that came from, but i heard there will be some crazy remixes coming along with it?

Timmy Mc said...

That would be sweet, sounds very remixable.