Monday, February 8, 2010

The Devil Makes Three

While I'd definitely say they've got some heavy bluegrass influence, Santa Cruz, CA band The Devil Makes Three are nothing like my other favorite modern bluegrass band, The Avett Brothers. They're rougher, tougher, rowdier, and even perhaps drunker (in sound of course). Rather than the sometimes fragile beauty that The Avett Brothers convey, they have a certain gruffness and swagger that is very reminiscent of Flogging Molly. They aren't exactly new news, but I found them over on Indie Shuffle, and they're semi-local, with a local concert coming up. "All Hail" is from their 2009 album, Do Wrong Right, and it's got a great, chugging old-timey sound, as does title track "Do Wrong Right", which cautions, "You wanna make a little mess, you wanna make a little crime, if you're gonna do wrong buddy, do wrong right". If you like what you're hearing, check out the album and take a look at their back catalog as well, particularly their self-titled debut, which includes crime ballad "The Bullet", and Jack Daniels love song "Old Number Seven". Frontman Pete Bernhard is at the Blue Lamp in Sacramento this coming Saturday, so if you have the good fortune of being over the age of 21, you should get down there.
All Hail - The Devil Makes Three
Do Wrong Right - The Devil Makes Three

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