Thursday, February 11, 2010


Over the past 6 months, I've started to become a big fan of hip-hop, but seeing as I'm still fairly new to the genre I'm still trying to build up a base of artists that I enjoy. One blog that's been helping me a lot with this is Passion Of the Weiss. Yesterday, at their direction, I found a guy by the name of TiRon. He's out of LA and currently he is still unsigned, but has 2 mixtapes out with another one coming later this month. I really can't think he's gonna stay unsigned for long, he's got some real talent and some great songs. The first one, Handshakes & Pounds doesn't have a super original sound, reminds me a lot of Talib Kweli circa Reflection Eternal, but I'm not complaining, Reflection Eternal is one of my favorite albums of all time. The beats are laid back, often pretty jazzy, with a good deal of horn use. Overall, it's giving a pretty strong late 90's vibe, and done very well.

Ketchup has a much more diverse sound. The beats feel a little more contemporary, and it's got a lot of collaboration. In general, I'd say it's a better listen than Handshakes & Pounds, which drags on a bit towards the end. If he can keep up what he's got going, he's got a career ahead of him. Overall verdict: Ketchup is a fantastic listen, and if you're into it, give Handshakes & Pounds a listen as well (especially if you're a Kweli fan).

Vacay - TiRon (from Handshakes and Pounds)
Download the full mixtape here.

So Called Twenties - TiRon (feat. Ayomari) (from Ketchup)
Still Never Happy - TiRon(from Ketchup)
Download the full mixtape here.

Also, check out the Passion of the Weiss post, which features the first leak from Mustard, and I will be sure to let you know when Mustard drops in full.

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