Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ha Ha Tonka - "Caney Mountain"

"Caney Mountain" is a song by the band Ha Ha Tonka, and even though was on their debut, which came out 2 1/2 years ago, I felt the need to post about it. It's an absolutely blistering piece of southern rock, but with a unique touch that Ha Ha Tonka always bring to their songs. My favorite version comes from a Daytrotter session they did back in '08.
Caney Mountain (Daytrotter Session) - Ha Ha Tonka

That ain't all. They made a video for the song, and it has some of the coolest animation I've seen in a music video for quite some time (beat only by this one), in addition to just being downright creepy.

Here's the link on iTunes in case you want to pick up the album version of the song, or check out more of their stuff.

Also, if you like what you're hearing, check back tomorrow, I'm gonna review New Sounds From the Noveau South, their 2009 (and best) album.

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