Monday, February 22, 2010

Totally Nebular

Florida band Totally Nebular don't just have an awesome name, they make some really awesome, exuberant music. They sound like a combination of Animal Collective circa Feels and a carnival. The music lays a pristine bed of synths and assorted noises, and then weaves in distorted vocals that sound like they're being shouted from a little distance away. It's not terribly melodic, usually a requirement for me to enjoy it, but Totally Nebular pulls it off in a fashion that is very unique and very enjoyable. The album (entitled Boat Boat) is an almost mesmerizing, but extremely joyous experience, and you can get it right here for free! It's a trip, a very happy trip.

Fred & Doe - Totally Nebular
Captain Benson - Totally Nebular
I Saw Four Deer - Totally Nebular

Exactly what I needed on a day when I was really feeling dissatisfied with the sameness of all my music. Thanks I Guess I'm Floating for the discovery.

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