Monday, February 1, 2010


Weaver is one of the two bands playing at the Villanova House tomorrow night, and I feel like in my excitement over Ohioan, I didn't give them enough attention, so I'm remedying that today. It would be an oversimplification of his sound, but a lot of his music really feels to me like indie rock/folk songwriting with country instrumentation. They also have a hushed sound which sort of reminds me of Calexico. Information is scarce, but from what I can tell from their Myspace it's just one dude. Check out the track below, and if you are liking it, you can download a whole album from them here. They also have an EP called I Am a Flower coming, which you can preview a track from here. That song, "Prarie", is my personal favorite, and has a much more country sound than anything on their album. And if you're in Davis, come out and see them tomorrow! Details here.
Glory (Glory) - Weaver

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