Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Rest

I'm gonna postpone my post on last night's show, as some KDVS people were taking some video, and I'm gonna wait until I can post that. So, today I bring you The Rest. They have an epic feeling sound, with anthemic vocals and a dense, cinematic musical bed. While this is hardly a unique sound, they pull it off much better than most, and it is well worth a listen. They've just released a book/EP, called Cried Wolf, and it's a pretty cool concept. You can download the EP and read the book here. Also, on March 15th, they have a full length, Everyone All At Once coming out on Something In Construction. I personally find it much stronger than the EP, and has a much more diverse range of sounds. If you like music that is full of reverb and would not be out of place in a movie, these guys are definitely for you.
Coughing Blood - The Rest
Sheep In Wolves Clothing - The Rest

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